Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A new post; A new life.

I forget if I officially announced the big news but Justin has decided not to resume medical school.
There. I said it.

Canada is where we're spending our new-found freedom (aka summer)

Of course, this decision brings giant changes in our ever-expanding lives. At first, I was completely unnerved by the prospect of a changed life and refused to open that scary thought with you. Writing about personal issues forces the writer to confront her life head on. Sometimes I'm a wimp and bury myself in a movie or book instead. (Right now I'm listening to music rather than face the silence that is my unemployment. But we'll talk about that later.)

I've missed my blog these past few months. Multiple times I've wanted to jump on my computer and write about my latest adventure. Inevitably I would lose resolve because how was I supposed to explain my absence from the internet scene? Surely people would question my life choices and I would be defamed across the internet as a failure blogger? Logical.

What brought me back was reading blogs by normal people writing about what they wanted to say. Blogs like, Black Ink Paperie, and thebloggess, while humorous, changed my thinking about what a blog should be. I realized that I had been viewing my blog as a necessary but rote medium to convey the superficial situations in my life (life in Grenada). Now, I'm not saying that this blog is now going to be filled with philosophical or rant-filled paragraphs. My primary goal is still to document my life. I've simply seen that documenting my life can be expanded. I believe that my new outlook will improve myself as a writer and as an individual. In fact, career coach Penelope Trunk holds seminars on how blogging can help reach your personal and career goals. I can't afford to spend $195 to attend the virtual class but perhaps I can still benefit from writing my blog. I hope you benefit, too.

Anyway, all these words are supposed to convey this:

1. Justin is no longer in medical school
2. Therefore, we will not be returning to Grenada
3. This is okay.
4. I can still write about stuff.
This is a picture of me with a big tree. Representing my potential growth, or something.