Sunday, 17 November 2013

Work and Zoey's Newest Fashion

Friends, I have work! My arduous transition from stay-at-home support to full-time workin' lady begins. I haven't really been sharing my struggles with moving, finding a job, and adjusted to yet another lifestyle, however, I am really getting excited about my prospects for a temporary future in the vast land of Pennsylvania. Finding full-time work has been my primary focus so with that secure I'm free to explore and enjoy life guilt-free. Life's blowing up!

The wind is also blowing during the fall. (you see how I transitioned there? Clever)
 Zoey is adjusting to these new things called "autumn" and "winter" (this state seems to be mixing the two up. It's confusing for both of us). I've been trying to grow her hair long and fluffy to aid with warmth but it's just not cutting it. Besides, Zoey watches me change outfits 4x per day and I can tell she's jealous. For all these reasons and more, we stopped by the pet shop for some shopping.

We walked away with not one but two sweaters! If you're following me on instagram, you already know which two we chose. She loves them and is always excited when they come off the shelf. Poor think hasn't figured out how to get her legs into the sleeves but she's working on it.

She's the prettiest pup on the block and quite the favourite of the neighbours. She'll be snug and warm while I'm out braving the work world once again.

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Monday, 11 November 2013

Lest We Forget: Remembrance and Veterans Day

Remembrance Day has always meant so much to me. Though my family doesn't have a gallant military history, I have grown up learning of the incredible daily sacrifices our armed servicemen and women give every day. 

St. John Ambulance cadets remembrance day
Circa 2001 (approx.)

Every November 11, I participated in the Remembrance Day parade in my area. As a cadet with St. John Ambulance I marched alongside veterans and those currently serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. I heard their stories and saw how much they and their families gave up for me to have opportunities. I want to honour them in always remembering.

In America, today is celebrated as Veterans Day. On Friday, Justin's high school honoured veterans by presenting a very powerful Veterans Day program. Being Canadian, I was excited to learn more about American traditions. I heard the military songs and saw the flags for all five branches (Air Force, Navy, Army, Marines, Coast Guard). The students dressed in military attire and presented poems, stories, and songs relating what it means to be an American hero. The most powerful moment was the honouring of the veterans in attendance. Over thirty minutes was spent thanking each veteran in attendance for his or her service. It was beautiful. 

Marine Corps flag

student holding Marine Corps flag

student in army gear thanking veterans

students sing patriotic songs

American Flag at Veterans Day program

Military branch flags

I found a local Veterans Day parade and program to attend today. My mother-in-law and I braved the cold to watch the veterans, boy scouts, and bands march down main street towards the war memorial. A ceremony followed the parade and began with all in attendance facing the West to pay respect to the honoured dead. (I had never heard of this tradition but later learned we face westward toward the setting sun as a representation of their setting lives.) The high school band played the national anthem followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. Stories were given of local men who bravely served their country. I was pleased to see that Americans also lay wreaths in memory of their local veterans. I learned a new appreciation for the US and Americans themselves by seeing how reverently and respectfully they remembered.

Doughboy statue honouring veterans

Base of veterans memorial

Inscription of doughboy veteran memorial "Erected to the memory of our gallant sons who endured the hardships and fought our nations battles. Erected Nov. 11, 1924"

Memorial erected by Mt. Pleasant citizens

Dougboy memorial listing the first five American wars

Memorial listing American wars. surrounded by american flags

Memorial listing most recent American wars
Notice Grenada. More info on that war here

WWII insignia

Veterans marching down main street with American and legion flags

Fire station band in Veterans Day parade

Veteran on green motorcycle

Boy scout troop in Veterans Day parade

Boy scout in Veterans Day parade

Mt. Pleasant High school band

Marching band flag girls

Brass section of marching band

Wreaths to be laid at war memorial

Memorial to Marine Corps at Iwo Jima

Marching band near war memorial

Mt. Pleasant Mayor speaking at Veterans Day program

Veterans saluting the National Anthem

Trumpeter playing taps to honour fallen soldiers

I remembered today. This is not my land nor these my veterans but their fight has given me the freedom to honour them. And so I do today.

And to you current service people, thank you. You are not forgotten.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Countryside Leaves

Despite my latest post about a new beginning, branching out, living a new live, I've gravitated back to a post about beautiful places. But seriously, how could I resist this?

Field lined with trees in fall colours of red and yellow

country road sheltered by fall trees

A country road nestled in young trees

Blue sky with autumn coloured forest beneath

My West Coast self has never experienced a true Eastern autumn. Honestly, it was one of the only excitements I felt in moving to Pennsylvania (the other is a white Christmas. We'll see what happens). My dad grew up in Ontario and would tell me of the multitude of colours and shapes floating from air to sky. He certainly spoke the truth.

Red leaves of treebranch spread over the road

White farmhouse nestled in fall colours

Farms in the pennsylvania hills

Yellow autumn tree leaves glisten in the sunlight

Young saplings change their colours for fall. brilliant reds

Autumn coloured trees spreading across the hill

Underside of green and red autumn leaves

Tall autumn leaves behind a green field

towering Autumn trees create a tunnel above the road.

I simply did not know how many colours of leaves could exist in one place. Truly stunning. Zoey and I have been learning to cope with the change in temperature with exercise in the great outdoors.

Sadly, the pretty leaves have all fallen and my view now consists of empty branches and brown, angry leaves. On the other hand, it snowed today...maybe white tree branches are in the future?