Friday, 8 November 2013

Countryside Leaves

Despite my latest post about a new beginning, branching out, living a new live, I've gravitated back to a post about beautiful places. But seriously, how could I resist this?

Field lined with trees in fall colours of red and yellow

country road sheltered by fall trees

A country road nestled in young trees

Blue sky with autumn coloured forest beneath

My West Coast self has never experienced a true Eastern autumn. Honestly, it was one of the only excitements I felt in moving to Pennsylvania (the other is a white Christmas. We'll see what happens). My dad grew up in Ontario and would tell me of the multitude of colours and shapes floating from air to sky. He certainly spoke the truth.

Red leaves of treebranch spread over the road

White farmhouse nestled in fall colours

Farms in the pennsylvania hills

Yellow autumn tree leaves glisten in the sunlight

Young saplings change their colours for fall. brilliant reds

Autumn coloured trees spreading across the hill

Underside of green and red autumn leaves

Tall autumn leaves behind a green field

towering Autumn trees create a tunnel above the road.

I simply did not know how many colours of leaves could exist in one place. Truly stunning. Zoey and I have been learning to cope with the change in temperature with exercise in the great outdoors.

Sadly, the pretty leaves have all fallen and my view now consists of empty branches and brown, angry leaves. On the other hand, it snowed today...maybe white tree branches are in the future?