Sunday, 17 November 2013

Work and Zoey's Newest Fashion

Friends, I have work! My arduous transition from stay-at-home support to full-time workin' lady begins. I haven't really been sharing my struggles with moving, finding a job, and adjusted to yet another lifestyle, however, I am really getting excited about my prospects for a temporary future in the vast land of Pennsylvania. Finding full-time work has been my primary focus so with that secure I'm free to explore and enjoy life guilt-free. Life's blowing up!

The wind is also blowing during the fall. (you see how I transitioned there? Clever)
 Zoey is adjusting to these new things called "autumn" and "winter" (this state seems to be mixing the two up. It's confusing for both of us). I've been trying to grow her hair long and fluffy to aid with warmth but it's just not cutting it. Besides, Zoey watches me change outfits 4x per day and I can tell she's jealous. For all these reasons and more, we stopped by the pet shop for some shopping.

We walked away with not one but two sweaters! If you're following me on instagram, you already know which two we chose. She loves them and is always excited when they come off the shelf. Poor think hasn't figured out how to get her legs into the sleeves but she's working on it.

She's the prettiest pup on the block and quite the favourite of the neighbours. She'll be snug and warm while I'm out braving the work world once again.

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