Thursday, 13 February 2014

Necessary reacquaintance

It seems like you're going to have to get to know me again. My life has changed again since the last time we talked together, you and me. Don't worry. It's been good. 

November brought me three jobs and the worst bout of the flu ever. Justin nabbed a fantastic job for a good company. Zoey started to adjust to cooler weather. 

In December I quit two jobs and worked hard with my temp agency. Justin was progressing with his position, leading us to buy another car and begin apartment hunting. Christmas was more fantastic than expected and was completed by some snow on the ground. Also, I dyed my hair. 

And then came Polar Vortex. Um, what? I know I'm from canada but I'd never felt anything colder than my freezer before. I now know what it's like to breathe in frozen air. More than once I cursed this place wishing for Grenada. Or anywhere that didn't have negative 20 windchills. Zoey hates all this just as much as I do. We did roast chestnuts. It felt more authentic with the snow outside. 

January did have the positives of Justin's promotion and iPhones! I'm excited to use the wonderful iPhone 5c camera for blog photos! (Confession: all these photos are from my iPhone. I'm post-dating photos because I'm writing this in bed. I'm not ashamed.) Apartment shopping in the city was a welcome change to my country circumstances. We made a weekend trip to SC to collect our stored belongings in preparation for a new place. 

February we bought at apartment! I'll share photos when we get ourselves together. We're still living out of suitcases as we don't have dressers or drawers of any kind. On a weirder note, someone drove into my car mirror, found me in a cafe, but doesn't have insurance. Still need to get that fixed. Justin is on a weeklong business trip and I've been hired on as a full time employee at my company. Zoey is getting used to the snow and will finally potty outside. She's been a trooper thru all these moves and weather changes. 

So now you know. I have a bunch of new things I want to share with you. But it was only fair to bring you up to speed. 

You'll hear from me soon. 

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