Saturday, 2 November 2013

Evolution of my life

Evolution. It happens everywhere when you open your eyes to see. Because, really, change is building off of your past. You build off your past to build a present.

I've come to a point where the past needs to change into the future. I've been in such a rut because I felt I wasn't and couldn't maintain this blog's original purpose. I wanted to change into my current life, but felt I would lose this place entirely. I started Sidewalks and Spices as a documentation of my expat life in Grenada as a medical student's wife. Writing and pictures provided a way to keep me closer to those I love and maintain connection though I was across the ocean. Of course, that's not my life now. I'm in America, living an expat life, the wife of a person still pursuing his dreams. But I've changed. My interests have grown. My life has expanded beyond the mile radius of my Caribbean bungalow. My direction is not clearly set before me anymore. Trying to maintain this static documentation of places and photos is not an accurate growth into my new life.

I want to write about my new life. But honestly, I'm afraid. I don't want to change this space but I do want to expand it, enhance it. I want to add bits about my new interests in beauty or job hunting. I want to share stories of Pennsylvania and of missing Grenada. I want to be free to share what matters to me.

I don't kid myself into thinking this blog is all that important. Or that it warrants all this drama.Because it's not. However, my year of writing has shown me that this blog is important to me. It isn't a social diary but it is a place to show my world and how I interpret it. This blog has provided me with a constant reminder of the positives in life. I will always need that reminder and hope that through my evolution, I can remind you of the positives in your life.

Anyway, all of this is to let you know that I love this blog and want to use it as a opportunity to increase myself as an individual and you as a reader. I would love to hear what you think about my adventures and hope that you'll continue to follow along.


P.S. Justin took me on a drive thru the country. New photo post soon!