Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Gob and my week

I haven't been doing much lately. Job hunting, job hunting, and entertaining Zoey as best I can. I have a few more interesting blog posts in the works but have been consumed with trying to build a new life in Pennsylvania. 

During one of the last warm days of Autumn, Justin and I broke the monotony of online applications and found ourselves walking to our engagement spot. It's a beautiful lake surrounded by stretching lengths of green grass and blue sky.

The last of the summer veggies were harvested, another festival was attended (more to come), and a horse-drawn cart was spotted down the road from our house (!). My mother-in-law says she thinks the horses were being sold to one of the men in the cart. I'd like to believe they were on their way to pick up children for a fun country ride.

Among the more interesting happenings, I sampled a Pennsylvania treat: the Gob. In all honesty, not my favourite; it's basically a giant oreo-looking twinkie. and it's HUGE. However, we were at an ethic festival so I dove right into the culture.

What have you been up to this week? Leave your comments below!

P.S. I'm working on my Instagram malfunction. Hopefully my photos will be entertaining you again soon.