Monday, 26 November 2012

Holidays and Sunsets

[Sorry about the delayed blog post. Endless rainy days have caused internet malfunctions. Hopefully peace and sunshine days will resume soon.]

Roasted Chicken being carved by V.

Sometimes you need some fun. Work repeatedly becomes overwhelming and monotonous. Holidays and evenings out, in my opinion, are extremely important to lift spirits and combat the dread of work. Thanksgiving came at a good time for my husband as he's pushing toward the end of his first term in medical school. Work is hard and tiring right now. SGU students didn't have the day free of classes but we made up for it with an evening Thanksgiving feast. Five people graced our house with presence and loads of food! Pies, bread, green beans, sweet potatoes, soup, mashed potatoes, all came. I contributed cranberry sauce, a roast chicken, turkey, and tons of gravy. Food unites people. Sitting around a full table with friends is where life's best moments often happen.  Holidays, especially, create that special "together" feeling. My American friends missed their families but eating a celebratory feast from home makes the geographical gap that much smaller. Hopefully it'll keep the homesickness at bay until our friends return home. Canadian me was just glad for the great food and happy laughter in my home.

Savvy's at Grand Anse Beach
Is it not true that you often need a holiday from your holiday? Potluck Thanksgiving removed almost all of the stress of holiday cooking but I still wanted a break from the kitchen. Solution? Cabana Friday at Savvy's! I can't think of anything better than chillin' on the beach, drink in hand, watching the sun go down. Grenada's sunsets are spectacular in orange, purple, red. The colours reflect off of the deep blue ocean making the landscape come alive with colour. One day I'll purchase a nice camera so I can show you the beauty of it all. Most of out evening was spent limin' with one of Justin's friends. Drinks were wonderful, food disappointing, company great. To top off an already lovely evening, Cabana night climaxed with bongo drums and a bonfire! S'mores on the house means I may have stuffed my face with two... or six. We laughed and danced around the hot fire to the beat of the drums (along with several drunk British tourists). On our way home, the three of us stopped at Grenada's Wall Street to devour spicy fries and loiter on the steps of a bagel shop. Husband and I arrived home happy and ready for bed. Our fun continued the next day...but I'll save that story for later. 

Sunset in paradise 
Roasting s'mores!

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