Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A feast awaits.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Again. If you read my previous post, you'd know that tomorrow will be my third Thanksgiving of the year. My attitude is less nervous the third time around because I will not be cooking alone. Three hungry American couples will fill my house with food, drinks, and laughter. Potluck style makes life easier and gives the opportunity for friends to try the unique holiday foods every family brings to the table. At my house, we partake of turkey and cranberry sauce like other people but my mom makes a wonderful addition to our meal: Giggle Juice!
Giggle Juice is the reigning beverage of holiday foods. All it is: a can or two of frozen peach or cranberry juice and ginger ale to taste. Simple but wonderful! If it's served from a punch bowl, it tastes 3x as good. This juice received its jovial name because mom says you can't help but giggle when you drink some. Of course us kids begin to giggle and so the name stuck. Sadly, I won't be making it this year for lack of frozen juice. Maybe Christmastime.

I'm sort of blackmailing myself with this post. Lately I've been a forgetful girl leaving my camera unused in my satchel. Tomorrow will not be one of those days! My camera will be busy flashing at friends and food alike. Can you believe the year is almost out? I need to capture the last bits of it.

The turkey and chicken is defrosting in the fridge, stuffing is ready to be made, and the gravy will flow.
To my American friends: Happy Thanksgiving!