Saturday, 27 October 2012


There's a lot in life to be thankful for. Many countries around the world set aside one day per year to reflect on the topic of thanksgiving. Canadian Thanksgiving occurred a few weeks ago and American Thanksgiving will happen in another few weeks. Nestled between these two is Grenada's thanksgiving.

A day off of classes for the medical students presented the perfect opportunity to invite several of Justin's classmates to our house for a home cooked, non-restaurant meal. Justin and I have a friend from undergrad who also attends SGU so we invited him over as well. Long before we decided to open our home, I wanted to make a chicken pot pie for Thanksgiving. Lately I've been wanting comfort food so I thought a pot pie would hit the spot rather well. Just because we invited the guys over didn't mean my craving changed so I decided to go ahead a make it anyway. Problem: I've never made a chicken pot pie before. Well, it wasn't until a couple hours before our guests were to arrive that I realised I might have made a terrible mistake. In addition to the pie, I was balancing baking a carrot cake and boiling sweet potatoes for a casserole. All need the oven. All bake at different temperatures. My pot pie required poached chicken. I've never poached chicken before. I should make stuffing but I'm using all the burners...
All of those relatively small problems collided sending me to the couch whining that I don't want to do this anymore. For a minute, I didn't care about the hungry men who have been studying all day. Justin, patient as always, sat with me and reminded me about how I love to cook and how I really can do this. After a moment of thought on his words I got up and finished what I started. No, it wasn't perfect but everyone ate it, was full, and had a good time.

I tell this little story as an example of what I'm most thankful for: my husband.

So many people choose to think about the negative rather than the positive. I struggle with this myself, sometimes. I could tell you about how I hate it in Grenada sometimes. How it's hard. How I miss the familiar. However, one of my primary reasons for starting this blog was to document my adventures in an exotic country. I want to remind myself about how blessed I am to be experiencing this incredible life.

Remembering blessings is why Thanksgiving exists in Grenada. October 25, 1983 commemorates the United States rescue mission to Grenada in face of Cuban invasion. The United States played a vital part in returning proper governmental power on the Island after a coup from several years before. There's actually a movie about it. They also evacuated hundreds of SGU students from the island to safety.

Every Monday I drive by a wall that says "Thank you USA for liberating us." Grenada saw the sacrifice and help of a friend and chose to set aside a day to remember. Personally, I think that's pretty incredible. I'm glad to be living in a country that chooses to be thankful.

What are you thankful for?


  1. Kristina, I came across your blog and must say it is interesting. As a Grenadian and a historian, I must point out a factual error however. Cuba never invaded, or threatened to invade, Grenada. From your discussions with locals you will learn that it is a contentious issue of the role that Americans played during their intervention/invasion. It is still a sore spot for many. But that's not the point here; the point is we were never under military threat from Cuba.



  2. Hi ACG,

    Thanks for the correction. I guess that just goes to show you can't believe everything you hear. Thanks again!



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