Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Point well taken.

Sometimes I'm surprised by how busy I can be. My day runs away with chores and the mundane necessities of life and I forget to look around. If I don't pause and breathe I miss the beauty and life abundant in Grenada. My significant other experiences the same routine dismissal of our tropical surroundings. Lately, Justin and I have been trying to plan more regular together time (beyond watching a movie). Exercise became the chosen activity. We both need more in our lives and saw running as an opportunity to take in our beautiful neighbourhood as well. So far the running had been fairly casual but we've decided to run our first 5K on November 11th. Signing up for an official race has given us due motivation to push ourselves. I found a training schedule that instructs us to run/cross-train alternatively everyday until the race. One cross-training activity choice is to walk for 1 hour. Yesterday we decided to walk to an outcropping of land that can be seen from Grand Anse beach. Equipped with water bottle and camera, we set off on our morning walk. What we came across was more beautiful than we expected. We found this.

Faded welcome sign
We found Quarantine Point. Beyond the faded signage is a spectacular lookout area. Neither of us has heard of Quarantine Point but deducted that the name must have some medical significance. Indeed, it does. Quarantine Point once lodged leprosy patients and the personnel who cared for them. Toppled columns and a small foundation are a tribute to the past facilities. Today, Quarantine Point is a protected landmark cared for by Grenada's Rotary Club. Several cement picnic tables are scattered around the large property. But really, you don't go to Quarantine Point for the tables. You go for the view.

This is Grenada!

The first peeks of the ocean were well worth the walk up steep roads. As we continued on to the tip of the point, we were (almost) blown away by the phenomenal view. Ocean colour was indescribable, but I'd say it varied from turquoise to a green to deep royal blue. Cliffs formed by ocean waves crashing against ancient lava flows added to the drama and beauty of the panorama. Our survey led us to a sketchy path down to lava rocks churning the surf.

 Another side of the cliffs gave us equally breathtaking views. A peculiar wind-shaped tree stood out to me. I wondered what stories that tree would tell if given a chance.

Can you believe that places like this exist?  Our "exercise date" became an equally healthful and amazing time together. We have fewer calories than before, are more in love than ever, and have a bigger appreciation for the wonderful place we call home. Busyness serves a purpose but taking in a view of the ocean is good for the soul. If you wonder where I am from now on...can you blame me? This is Grenada.

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  1. I love this post! It's easy to fall into a routine and forget where we are and to enjoy it while we can. Jade and I were feeling the same thing last semester and also started exercising together. We ran our first 5k in May. I'm glad you two found Quarantine Point (somewhere I've been wanting to check out) and are running in the Turkey Trot!


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