Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Our Home

Moving to a new country isn't easy. Fun, but not easy. I have moved to a new country once before but that experience isn't really comparable. The transition from Canada to the United States was strange, but not really that difficult. My move was for University. Everything was automatic. I moved into a dorm room, brought only what would fit in my two large suitcases, and purchased whatever wouldn't fit into my bags.

Not true for Grenada.

Grenada is really a foreign country, not to mention a third world country. Many more considerations were required for the big move in much less time. Justin's medical school acceptance letter arrived the end of April. We were in Grenada in July. Yup. Several.. difficulties come to mind when I think about that crazy move.                                          
Firstly, flights. Have you ever tried finding flights online? It can be a headache and a half. Because I attended university in America, I was quite used to finding flights to and from Canada for school breaks but I had never searched for flights to the Caribbean...for a dog. Zoey added a fun new addition to our flight plans. I'd never flown with an animal so I researched procedure with different airlines. Apparently, several different airlines want to quarantine your loving companion for up to six months before they will allow the pet to enter the country. That wasn't about to happen. After several phone calls with airlines, we found our flight. A one way ticket to Grenada, West Indies. 

Secondly, Apartment Shopping. Neither Justin nor I had ever been to the Caribbean.  We didn't have the time or money to fly here ahead of time to find a place. Back to the trusty internet we went! Again, we had difficulty in finding an apartment because of dear little Zoey. At one point I was afraid Justin was going to say I couldn't bring my puppy. Well, we finally found an apartment...had the lease faxed to us...signed it...ready to fax it back when I decided to read through it one more time. I noticed a subtle phrase about mandatory housekeeping. As in, we had to pay an additional $50USD every week for a maid to clean my house! THAT wasn't going to happen! We contacted the landlord about removing this clause but apparently the maid was a family member. No go. Back to square one. We found a small place that would do for now. The pictures were few and the description of the apartment vague. We decided to go with it and hope for the best.

Our backyard with drying line
What we ended up with was more than the best. :) Justin and I arrived in Grenada a few days before our lease became effective. We spent a few days walking around our hotel wondering what our new place would be like. We would walk down the street pointing to houses wondering if it could be that one or this one. Two days later we found out that our hotel was directly across from our new home! Instead of the sketchy tiny apartment we were expecting, we came "home" to this! 

Front door from the inside

     We were blown away by how nice our new home was! I have a full kitchen, vaulted ceilings, air-conditioned bedrooms, white tile floors, beautiful furniture, tons of closet space, plenty of appliances, beautiful kitchen table...
Justin and I have been seriously blessed with the perfect apartment for us. The website made this place look small, cramped, ugly, and in a bad area. In reality, our home is in the perfect location for me to walk to the grocery store and bank, as well as the best resort beach on the island. I feel safe here and we have great neighbours. Our plan is to stay here at least through the end of the school year. We haven't yet received our electricity bill (which can apparently be up to $300USD per month!!) for the months of August or September so that charge will be the determining factor.

I love our cute little home! Maybe these photos will be a little extra encouragement to come visit me...

Master bed

My bedroom closet! <3

Living/Dining area. Excuse the mess; we'd just moved in.


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