Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas is coming

The calendar says Christmas is near. The weather doesn't. Grenada repeats a continual August therefore the passage of time can only be noted calendar events, like the End of Term Social.  End of Term Social has marked the close of our first four months in Grenada. Students still have exams, of course, but the social was the final event for us wonderful SOs. Our dinner social was held at Dodgy Dock, a lovely resort/restaurant located at True Blue Bay. It's a great place to for limin' and was a pleasant venue for saying farewells to friends not returning after the new year. Students attended for one last breather before the craziness of finals begins.

Food at Dodgy dock
 Oceanside tables and ribs provided a nice break from cleaning and studying for Justin and me. We enjoyed our time chatting with friends before they disperse for Christmas break. Most students will be finished with exams at the end of next week and begin the return to family.

Restaurant on the dock
Christmas in Grenada is sure to be much different than any Christmas I've ever known. Busses blast reggae versions of Christmas carols. Secretly I laugh every time I see snowmen or snowflakes decorating cars and malls because I know that half of the population has never seen snow. With my family joining us for the holidays, I want to feel like Christmastime happens in Grenada, too. My biggest wish was to have a Christmas tree. A friend told me to forget about it...trees are expensive. 

My New Tree!!

Well, I found my tree! It's only three feet high but it's absolutely perfect. One of my trips into town led me to spot trees in the window of a hardware store. Trees are available most places but they really do cost a fortune. This hardware store had my little tree upstairs for a reasonable cost and even had pretty little decorations for it! Needless to say, I was thrilled!

Topping the tree

This Christmas will be Zoey's first as a part of our little family. Christmas trees proved to be an exciting addition to our house. Ever suspicious, she had to see what was up. She couldn't quite figure out why the little tree received more attention than her!

We finally spruced the little guy up and beheld our lovely tabletop Christmas tree. I thought I'd have to settle with a Charlie Brown palm branch but Christmas came to me in a much happier way. (I plan on watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas" sitting next to my lovely tree.)

After a few crafts and addition of candy canes, our Christmas tree has become a thing of festivity and joy.  Slowly but surely additional ornaments and presents will brighten up that corner of our living room. Christmas will happen in Grenada after all.

P.S Green Monkey? The toy monkey is Zoey's birthday present. Justin put it in the tree to be funny. It was funny but the monkey is now beside my tree patiently waiting until the 18th for my puppy's first birthday.

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