Monday, 3 December 2012

Fish Friday

Grenada contains many gems if you know where to find them. This beautiful country has several mountains and waterfalls I've been itching to hike. I have a list of local food venues I want to try. Topping the list was Fish Friday.

Fish friday happens every Friday in a small northern town called Gouyave. Most people drive or bus, but the SOs decided to arrive by boat, in style. The Carib Cat (Carib is a locally brewed beer) loaded fifteen SOs from Grand Anse Beach and set off on our hour-something trip. The sun was setting as we waited but was completely down when we set sail. Our distance from shore gave a unique perspective of Grenada, the island. On board, friends laughed and mingled while sipping rum punch. This outing gave a great opportunity to meet people outside of one's typical circle. I enjoyed sailing up the coastline while chatting in the dark with new friends. Though I'm not a boat person by any definition, I'll admit cruising proved to be a fun way to travel.

Everyone loves Fish Friday. I will insert that the hype about it can be deceiving. The event is held in random alleyways among bars and loitering people. The alley is narrow and dirty. Music blares and forget about finding a seat. Bear that in mind. All that being said, Fish Friday was a terrific time! I knew it wouldn't be anything fancy but I didn't expect so much variety or deliciousness! Throughout the night I consumed lobster pizza, fish kabobs, and my favourite, fish spring rolls!

SOs spread out among the booths and readily shared recommendations of favourite dishes. My favourite recommendation pick was shark. I don't know what kind of shark or if "shark" is really Grenadian slang for some other fish ("Dolfin" is another name for Mahi-Mahi in Grenada) but it tasted good!

The food was great. Everything I ate was under $10EC giving the opportunity to try multiple dishes. I ate until full without trying everything. Definitely means I need to return.

Lobster Kabob (and one happy man!)
Half of the fun was food. The other half was friends. We all had so much fun chatting about nothing while gobbling down fish cakes and drinking passionfruit juice. Our husbands came along with the girls to take a well deserved study break (which Justin really needed). We were limin' amid butchered Christmas songs in Caribbean style. You couldn't help but dance to "O Holy Night."

Limin' in Grenada
Homemade banana ice cream was a fun treat we tried. The lady was churning it right before our eyes in metal buckets and ice. Soft and creamy, it was a good end to our meal.

Everyone had a great time and we all made it home alive and full. The moon decided to appear on our trip home making the water silvery and bright. Food comas made the trip home quiet and peaceful. Fish Friday was a smashing success. I'm definitely going back to pick up where I left off.

Good name for a beached boat.
Tired, full, and happy :)

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