Wednesday, 23 January 2013

School begins.

Sometimes a week or two will fall out of the calendar and absolutely cannot be found again. This was one of those weeks. Meetings, places to be, puppies to take care of... and school to begin! 

Justin's reprieve has finally come to a close. We enjoyed the break while it lasted. Happily, he's actually rearin' to begin learning again. 
Me, being the faithful wife I am, was prepared with camera in hand to document his first day. Of course, batteries die. So here are some cheater photos of St. George's University. (My mom took them while visiting last month.)

Even academia can be beautiful. I don't know the name of this beach.. but it's beautiful! 

The real sights of SGU (besides the students, of course) has to be the spectacular views. The campus seems multi-level (meaning you have to climb calf-ripping hills) which provides some spectacular views of True Blue Bay and the Caribbean Sea.

The buildings themselves have a beauty all their own. Such lovely buildings hide deceptively cold interiors. Biology-major-me decided to attend class with Justin last term. Never again will I join without a sweater.

And this, friends, is why I'm here. I am in Grenada to help my husband and friend be the best physician ever. I'm proud of you, baby!

Fyi, St. George's University offers more than just medical school. Undergraduate, graduate, post-grad, vet programs are available as well. If you're interested in the Caribbean life and in furthering your education, take a look at their site.

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