Sunday, 13 January 2013

Trees, Beaches, and the Hobbit

Yesterday was definitely a ditch the cleaning and let's read a book at the beach day. 
Grenada's beaches can be found around every corner and loop of this island so the husband and I decided to enjoy new scenery. 

We adventured to BBC beach, a hidden away beach down the hill from Quarantine Point. Its calm surf and small beach populace make it the perfect hang out spot for families with kids. In addition, BBC (also known as Morne Rouge Beach) really is a great place to go if relaxation, picnics, and reading are your activities of choice when visiting the ocean. 

Sitting on a bug-less Sea Grape tree
 Tons of trees line the beach, an awesome beach addition for those prone to sunburns. Amazingly, I found my first Grenadian tree not covered in two thousand ants. My celebratory climb was duly documented by my husband.

A little while after we arrived, Mr. Sun decided to hide under a cloud, giving me the opportunity to begin an old favourite. I found myself underneath my ant-less tree dreaming of dwarves, wizards, and adventure. Sadly, I didn't get too far since the sun peeked between clouds and summoned me to him. While enjoying the warmth, I fell asleep and therefore have no more pictures to share. :)
If you ever need a quiet place to hide and wolf down the latest novel, BBC beach would be my choice.

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