Monday, 4 March 2013

Instagram: Update

Technology can't be avoided forever. I've made a point of learning enough to get by but little enough to avoid trouble. Avoiding trouble isn't as simple as moms would have you believe.
I really want to improve this blog so I've begun the cold wade into the river of information on blogs, code, images (and other things I haven't had time to google yet). 
My first endeavour was instagram. I use instagram on my ipod. That's easy. I've noticed bloggers using instagram photos on their blogs and really, that did me in. It can't be that difficult to link instagram to blogger.  Despite a teensy bit of...tension, I got it going.

So check out my new instagram feed on the righthand sidebar underneath the post archive. It'll circulate my five most recent photos. I'm guessing that you can scroll through my other photos as well.

My adventure means that I was sidetracked from a real post. I'll make up for it soon.
In the meantime, enjoy my recent instagram photo of a sleeping Zoey.

Note: as you can tell by the photo's fuzziness, I really haven't figured this out yet..

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