Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Mt. Carmel Waterfall

Hiking never was a real hobby of mine until moving to Grenada. Nature abounds here and I would be amiss if I passed on the opportunity to discover natural beauty. Apparently others agree with me. We, the SOs of Grenada, decided to make a trip to Mt. Carmel waterfalls. Twenty-something of us piled into a couple of taxis and took off on our hour-long ride up the northeast side of the island.

 Also known as the Marquis Falls, Mt. Carmel has two waterfalls. One is tall, majestic, and definitely one you don't want to jump from. It is the tallest waterfall on the island with over 70 feet of cascading water. The second midgets in comparison but holds popularity for its natural waterslide. The rocks have smoothed from either erosion or algae. Regardless, the falls made a great place to slide 'n swim.

 During our trip I was labelled a "cold baby." The title refers to my acquired inability to adjust to cold temperatures. It is true; I fear for when I return to Canada in May to find myself without winter clothes in a winter atmosphere. You laugh but 24˚ weather is no joke anymore.

Thankfully the hike and sunshine warmed me enough to dunk myself into the cool river water. Freshwater felt so clean compared to the salty Caribbean Sea. The pool was deep enough to swim in but had boulders nearby for some leisurely bathing.

Sliding, swimming, and chatting did not lack but we found ourselves with excess time so we seized the opportunity to lime on a new beach. La Sagasse beach hides itself away in a beautiful bay. The sand is finer than any beach I've visited and the water remained fairly shallow making wading a nice experience. Dozens of palm trees create shade for picnics and midday naps. La Sagasse is the quietest Grenadian beach I've visited and has a lovely beachside restaurant. The resort seems romantic, though I didn't tour the grounds. 

We limed for a couple of hours before making our way home. Despite the leisurely nature of our trip, I was exhausted and may have indulged in a three hour nap. :)

If you would like more information on La Sagasse resort, visit their website here. The rates are reasonable and seem well worth the price.


  1. Looks absolutely fun and refreshing besides being cool...thanks for sharing..looks like a lovely spot to visit!

  2. That last picture is beautiful and such a good idea to take it from the water! So glad you are enjoying the camera. Looks like you had a great time.


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