Monday, 18 February 2013

Monday Morning Story

I usually don't write about my random happenings in Grenada...but I've decided that some stories are too funny not to share. This morning provided such a tale.

Zoey loves her morning walk!
Backstory: Zoey and I try to walk down the street at least once per day. We typically prefer to walk in the mornings and I'm sure you would too, if you wore a fur coat. We have our circuit which passes several restaurants, the police station, and several resorts.

Today began with the 5:30am alarm screaming at Justin and me to get to the gym.  I may or may not have slept another 10 minutes before I was ready to head out the door. We fulfilled our exercise duties for the day, came home, ate breakfast, washed dishes. Justin made his way to school while I continued my morning routine walk with Zoey.

As we strolled toward the police station, a squad car was backing into his parallel parking spot so we crossed the street. The officer saw me walking past and beckoned me up to his car window. I did, and our conversation went something like this.

Police Officer: Are you in the School of Med?
Me: No. {smiling}
Police Officer: Are you in school?
Me: No. {still smiling}
Police Officer: You look very young.
Me: ..well..thank you?!?
Police Officer: No, really. You look sixteen or seventeen. You should be in school. {he says authoritatively, looking at me suspiciously}
Me: Oh! No, I'm twenty-two and my husband is in the school of med.
Police Officer: Okay. Carry on.

And the walk continued.

I couldn't help but laugh when Zoey and I turned the corner. I'm sure he just wanted to ensure that the youth population be properly educated and prepared to face the future. Too bad he chose the girl in gym clothes walking a prissy, little dog. Better luck next time, mon.

The Royal Grenadian Police Force

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  1. I would love to visit Grenada and the rest of the Carribean. It looks so beautiful over there ;)


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