Friday, 1 February 2013

The deep-down you.

They say people never change, not really. I don't feel that I've enough life experience to warrant a valid opinion, but I do feel that people coerce themselves to be different from who they think they are deep down. Sometimes they end up bringing out some of their person they just hadn't met yet. Most of the time their change is just for fun.

Take Justin, for example. College brought out the sweet, caring, nice guy in him. Marriage has brought out the...well, the crazy in him. He wooed me with his quiet ways and calm demeanor but now I also cry from laughter at his unexpected antics.

This is one of them.

Justin's parents make their way to Grenada next week so my dearest decides to welcome his family in the most shocking way imaginable. I mean, pretty much.

He decides that he wants corn rows. 

His puffy blonde hair has been growing since August for this one momentous day. With the help of a classmate, he endured hours of pain to become his true, beautiful self.

Before photo

Completion photo
Honestly I didn't think he would go through with it. My opinion concluded that the idea would be fun to think about but would never really happen. I was wrong.

I was cooking supper when he came home. Thankfully my brilliant man lured me away from boiling pots so I wouldn't hurt anyone...because I was shocked enough to drop anything that would have been in my hands.

Corn rows hurt. Just sayin'. I had a few in December to wow my parents with my Caribbean-ness. Wasn't worth it at all. The lady who did them claimed that the pain would subside as they loosened. Nope. Life was filled with pain; even sleeping felt like an accomplishment when hours were spent merely to find a comfortable head position. Like I said, not worth it.
With his whole head done, Justin's world was an uncomfortable one. Exams are coming up (already!) so vain distractions had to be eliminated. We took out the plaits one-by-one while I documented the process. (Solely for his parents' sake. Obviously.)
First braid out

The hilariousness of the photos made this experience completely invaluable, as was the "Badass!!" comment he received at school. Yeah, that's my husband.

In the end, we had to take an Einstein picture. It was a required part of the corn row process.

Do something that's not you just for the heck of it. You may be meeting a little part of yourself for the very first time. 

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