Friday, 15 February 2013

Just Keep Swimming.

I've been a neglectful blogger. For that I apologize. I'll make it up by showing you one of the best experiences I've had in Grenada. Can you guess what it is?

Justin's parents travelled hundreds of miles to visit us in our tiny Caribbean home. St. George's University invites families to visit the campus for a bi-annual Family Weekend. Mom and Dad accepted the invitation leading us to a crazy, fun-filled week on the Isle of Spice.

Apparently, the Caribbean is one of the places to snorkel. Dad decided to purchase snorkel equipment before trekking south. Both have been excited about the prospect of viewing the world under the blue sea. Winds can create turbid water difficult for snorkeling so I was hoping their anticipation was not in vain.

It wasn't. The weather was perfect.
Seriously, perfect.

 Thursday marked Grenada's 39th year of independence. We decided to spend the holiday celebrating Grenada's natural beauty! Unfortunately, Justin had a big exam the upcoming Monday which left the three of us to have all the fun. And fun we had!

 Dad went extravagant by purchasing an underwater camera. Neither of us had ever used one but we were excited to become underwater photographers. We played around with the camera and ended up with some nice shots.

Here are some of the lovely scenes dad and I captured.

 Magazine beach provided the lovely waters for our dive. It's not as popular of a beach but seems to be well-known for the great amateur snorkeling spots.

 The three of us swam, ate, laughed, sun-bathed, and returned home tired and happy.

I'm definitely taking Justin next time.

If you want an underwater camera of your own, here's what I have.

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  1. Snorkling is my favorite water activity too. We have a nice waterproof camera as well.


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