Monday, 19 May 2014

Smart Sunday

Sundays are great exploring days. Have you noticed? Sunday masquerades as a quiet, gentle day but pounces to land a doozie of a day at the most unsuspecting of times.

One April Sunday decided to revolt from Winter to bless Pittsburgh with a summer preview. Out came my new summer dress. On went the wedges. Off we went into Downtown.

My dress and I found ourselves before a massive building with staircases and intricate stonework. The Carnegie Museum of Natural History, started by Mr. Andrew Carnegie in 1895, opens its doors to explorers of all ages and interests. We made our way to the museum after seeing an advertisement for an exhibit on human race and diversity but found ourselves swept away by the birds and polar bears.

We, unsuspecting visitors that we are, took our photos just in time...a grumpy native loomed, ready to attack!

Thankfully, he was busy being dead at the moment.  He was definitely ferocious up close. I found his companions to be much more welcoming.


Even dinosaurs have a sense of humour.

All this exploration made my tummy rumble so we made our way out-of-doors. To our delight, we stumbled upon a park which led us to the most interesting little restaurant.

Conflict kitchen mixes food and politics creating food for thought outside of university campus walls. It's a little takeout place creating wonderful dishes from countries with which the United States is in conflict. Afghanistan, in honour of their recent elections, was the country of choice. The line for food stretched out along the pathway, giving me time for a few photos.

The food. Oh, the food. Aushak (according to the menu) consists of leek dumplings with ground beef, sauce, and yoghurt. I think it consisted of love and harmony.  

We enjoyed the first spring sun with the enthusiasm of a toad on a lily pad. All of this enthusiasm made us hungry again so our cravings took us to Fuel and Fuddle, a local beer and food shop. My handy app Foursquare told me that F&F has a unique pizza that I must try. 
Those reviewers know a thing or two about food because the smashed potato pizza was excellent. A beautiful pastry-like crust (the best I've ever had) created a scene of mashed potatoes mingling with rosemary chicken, cheddar cheese, applewood bacon, homemade ranch sauce, and fresh greens. This pizza alone will draw me back to the Oakland side of town.

Pittsburgh, the springtime looks good on you.
I can't wait to get to know you better.

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