Sunday, 1 June 2014

Hola, Bella! #MKGLAM by Mary Kay

I'm all glammed up! I received another brilliant voxbox from the lovely people at and am beyond thrilled with the contents. Care to take a peek?

Well hello to you, too!
I took pics on my kitchen table so I could hurry up and try them on :)

My complementary box of products floated to my doorstep just in time for summer! Mary Kay, the independent beauty supplier, spared no cost in sending a huge array of goodies. I definitely received a full set and was excited to try each piece. I haven't had much experience with Mary Kay (beyond my Aunt's makeup parties as I sat in the bedroom watching cartoons) so my mind was raring to try out this well known brand.

Here's the breakdown:

Bronzing Powder in light-medium shade started my regiment off on a beautiful note. I had never used bronzer before but found tips from Mary Kay's magazine to create a sun-kissed glow. The giant powder brush included in the package made application easy. Transitioning from winter to spring left my skin in need of a little life and colour. The bronzing powder left behind a hint of pizzazz without streaking me in an orange glow. After multiple uses, I definitely give this a thumbs up.

Next came "shy blush" cheek colour. I don't know how influenster did it but they matched my skin shade perfectly! The light pink/peach gives a delicate colour without drawing gaudy attention to my cheek bones. I tend towards the conservative side of blush usage so this shade fit nicely into my regular beauty routine.

On a side note, the packaging isn't very attractive because the pieces are meant to be placed in a seperately-purchased compact. I'm not particularly impressed with this method but the products themselves have proved to be great thus far.

Friends, this eyeliner is the bomb! MK's gel eyeliner blew me away. Seriously, buy this right now. It retails for $18USD...but see that little divot in that gel? That's a month's worth of use. This little 4.5g glass container will last me endless months. I'll admit that the applicator isn't my fav but a cheap slanted brush would do the trick. A teeny dunk into the tub places enough colour for a whole eye lining. The colour feels so smooth on the eyes while application is non-irritating. Traditional pencil liners seem to tug uncomfortably at the edge of the eye but the gel glides right on giving a beautiful outline. Thick or thin lines are simple to create and mistakes are easy to correct. I could go on and on...sorta like this eyeliner.

Now for the bummer news. I really disliked the "lash love" mascara included in my VoxBox. The colour provides a true black but stays wet much too long causing me to smudge many a time. Additionally, the flexible brush bends much too much for my liking. The Mary Kay website boasts a clump-resistant and volumizing formula but I found neither to be true. The packaging gives no indication of being water resistant so I fought to remove the mascara with my regular cleansing routine. I will give it props for being low scent and a friendly shape to hold in the hand. 

I'm a fan of eye colour but had not yet adventured into the world of creme shadows. MK gave me just the push I needed. I am currently in love with my apricot creme shadow. Again, the application on my lid feels incredibly smooth with an unreasonably long wear time. I put this baby through the test and 18hrs later the colour sat evenly on my lids, daring me to say that it didn't look good. Impressive. Apricot was an unexpected choice in pastel but looks great with any combination colour or clothing choice. Creme, you have my vote.

Face finishing loose powder brushed on my skin to set the other powders adorning my face. Translucent and light, the powder provides shine-free looks while feeling weightless. I feel like the powder has a touch of a sparkle, which I love. I'm all for added brightness on dull skin. Since I don't wear foundation or regularly use powders, I can't compare to other types or brands. However, I did enjoy the confidence I had knowing I wouldn't reflect light off my skin into someone car mirror. I'm glad vehicular accidents can be off my conscience.

Finally, the look completes with a brilliant shade of lip gloss. Mango Tango Nourishine Plus lip gloss has renewed my faith in lip gloss. I have recently strayed from glosses into lipsticks but MK reminded me of the fun and vibrance a little shimmer and shine can add to a summertime look. Apparently it's loaded with anti-oxidants and moisturizers, always a bonus. The real question: Is it sticky? Nope. It's one of the smoothest and richest coloured glosses I've used. I'll be emptying the tube this summer.

My #MKGLAM VoxBox improved my beauty stash immensely and will be well loved.

I love my new looks and have decided to love Mary Kay, too. I'll admit I was skeptical of the brand. I've been convinced. Thanks, influenster and Mary Kay, for the brilliant box of goodies to try and love.

If you're interested in purchasing MK products, my friend, Cheryl, is a senior independent consultant and is offering free shipping for online orders! Check out the great products available.

Mary Kay Bronzing Power ($18.00)
Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color "Shy Blush" ($12.00)
Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner with Expandable Brush Applicator, Jet Black ($18.00)
Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara (I <3 Black; $15.00)
Mary Kay Cream Eye Color "Apricot Twist" ($14.00)
Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder ($16.00)