Friday, 9 August 2013

Build, Bail, and Sail

My Canadian summers can be tracked by three main holidays:
1.Victoria Day (May)
2. Canada Day (July)
3. BC Day (August)

I love my country quite a bit so I rapture in the excitement of donning my red and white, snatching a maple leaf tattoo from the dollar store, and waving my flag excitedly as parade floats pass by.

However, I must admit that my favourite celebration has to be BC day. The long weekend is jam packed with events, booths, and people as the celebration extends through the entire downtown in a Nautical Days extravaganza! 

Among the many events Nautical Days presents, my constant and true love is the Build, Bail, and Sail competition. 

What is this event? Teams of two or four gather early Monday morning to begin construction in their very own water vessel. Of course, they only have $85.88 worth of supplies, have 3 1/2 hrs to build, and can only use hand tools. When 1:30pm rolls around, sailors and boats gather by fours at the water's edge for the race of unequalled proportions. 

Racers must paddle their way to a buoy in the marina, swap positions in the water craft, then furiously make their way back to shore. More often than not, these poor vessels are not found to be sea worthy.

Costumes are encouraged and prizes are given for the best. Other prizes are given to the winner of the final heat (all the vessels that survive, basically) and first to sink.

These are the Skimpy Farmers

The Farmers didn't fare too well.

It's just like when I was a kid. Sunburns, laughter, and water abound during the fun. Totally worth it. Totally worth coming home for. If you happen to stop by the area next year, this event is worth your visit.