Monday, 16 September 2013

Evening walk at the Marina

Sailboat on calm water in sunset

boats docked in a cloud covered sunset

sailboat on the calm comox waters

Zoey and I went for a walk in the marina. The last few days have been blustery and wet so we used the evening reprieve for our dose of fresh air and beautiful scenery. 

Puppy on marina boardwalk

beautiful sunset at marina

dragonboat paddles on calm ocean in sunset

People walk dogs on marina boardwalk in sunset

Boats moored in marina

Zoey dog on a walk at marina

While on our walk, Zoey found the last summer flowers blooming in the garden along the wooden planks.

Late summer flowers at marina

Yellow daisy in late summer blooms beside the street

When I think of the place I call home, I think of the caring and conscientious folks in my little town. They are aware of the needs of people around them and care about the world they live in. People trust each other here and honestly want the best for their community. After living abroad, I see and treasure the memories of growing up here. Walking past mementos of my town's heart reminded me of how much I love this place.   

A for charity bottle collector at Comox Marina

Free PDF loan area at Comox Marina

"Lifejackets save lives" sign at Comox Marina

I live in a beautiful place. I am so grateful for my little town and the people I've known and loved here.

Beautiful sunset over water with boats in foreground

Boats in gentle water during sunset

Boats and canoes docked at marina

Boat on calm water with mountain in background

Comox Marina boardwalk at sunset

Zoey dog at marina at sunset

Dark sunset clouds at Comox Marina

Sunset over water in Comox

Comox Marina boardwalk lit up in evening light

Dragonboat paddles in calm water at Comox Marina

Sunset on clouds above Comox Marina