Saturday, 7 September 2013

I'm a Tweeple

Scary word, isn't it? It was a mystery to me until I finally took the plunge and signed up. I'm very glad I did and here's why. I'm still new to the Twitter community but have found a surprising amount of positives about this social networking platform.

1. Twitter isn't as bad as I thought
I used to be like many people: avoiding Twitter because of social media misuse. Specifically, I withheld due to rumours of people tweeting ridiculous messages about lunch meals, baby throw up, or going on a date OMG!!!

What I didn't realize is that I choose who I will follow, whether it be my mom, Sandra Bullock, or BBC News. I have the option to filter the tweets received on my homepage.

Twitter has been gaining popularity, especially with the younger demographic. Facebook's importance in teen lives is waning which in turn gives Twitter the opportunity to seize the younger market. This may seem like a negative but again, I choose who I receive news from. To me, if teens are shifting social networks, Twitter must be doing something right. Hopefully, teens are gleaning the positive opportunites available through Twitter.

2. Twitter enables communication with almost anyone
My opinion changed about Twitter after reading an article by Ariella Coombs explaining the usefulness of Twitter in business, current events, and professional networking. Since reading I have found dozens of twitter accounts that interest me. I am able to connect with them by "following" their account and sending messages. Not everyone responds to comments and queries but every once in a while I'll get an acknowledgement from fantastic websites like maptia or influential people like Colleen Christie. Recently, a British man utilized Twitter to reach thousands of people to publicly complain about British Airways. He intelligently exploited Twitters capacity to reach people beyond personal connections.

3. Thousands of businesses and news agencies are on twitter, allowing you to stay informed
I love reading the news. I attempt to stay informed on local, national, and international news. Without having a New York Times subscription I have to scour multiple news websites, scan through dozens of articles, and have no outlet to vent my opinions on the articles I do read. Twitters helps. By choosing to follow news agencies like BBC, the Vancouver Sun, and CTV, I can scan dozens of headlines and synopses in real time. A 140 character limit forces news stations to condense the article while retaining the message. The agency will usually include a link for the original article if you want more details. It's a very convenient and manageable way to intake today's news.

4. Twitter give opportunity for creating new contacts in your field of work or interests
Twitter goes beyond news in giving you an opportunity to connect with areas important to you. Whether it be microbiology or snowboarding, you have the opportunity to follow people and companies in those fields. For example, I am trying to learn more about social networking so I am following cutting-edge companies like LinkedIn and Hootsuite. They tweet updates, ideas, and articles, which are then sent to my twitter feed for my learning pleasure. Really, it's a very convenient system.

5. Great promotional tool: I advertise my blog on Twitter
Twitter product promotion isn't limited to big businesses or MBAs. Me, as a little blogger, can impact the visibility of my blog by tweeting about it. Sending a tweet with a link to my blog is basically sending my blog to everyone following me and saying, "Hey! Read this! It's really great!" It also makes accessing my blog simple. Including the link in a tweet eliminates the need for someone to open the internet, find my blog, and read (which isn't all that hard but takes active thought). Tweeting almost eliminates the navigation work for reading my blog.

If you haven't already, follow me on twitter! or by clicking the twitter button on the top righthand side of the screen.