Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Pennsylvania Fall Fair

I've relocated yet again. I'm thinking of it more as touring rather than moving. (Moving has that ugly feeling of finality)
I am currently touring the Southern Pennsylvania countryside.

Pennsylvania farm with barn and field
The one and only morning warm enough to run outside

Rural Pennsylvania has the quaint, Americana feel foreigners, like myself, think of when picturing classic America. Deciduous trees changing colour, farms with houses scattered across rolling hills, American flags and the Ten Commandments planted on lawns, brick churches with white steeples. It's postcard material.

My husband has lived here since his teens and decided to give me a taste of autumn in the Northeast. On Sunday, we visited the Scottdale Fall Festival. We took Zoey along, of course.

Scotdale Fall Festival Food banner

balcony decorated with scarecrows and leaves

Fall themed sugar cookies

Scarecrow saying "fall welcome"

Little boy with bottle on hay bales

Zoey and a pomeranian touching noses

The downtown streets are decorated in fall-themed wreaths and mum flowers. Baked goodies filled booths with bright colours while the food section sent wafts of delicious air in our direction. Apparently this area has a big Polish and German population and that was reflected in the vendor's selection of bratwurst, sauerkraut, apple dumplings, and pumpkin rolls. I chose the classic red candy apple while Justin bought the greasiest thing around. Everyone was happy; Even a few furry guys got in on the action.

Apple dumplings banner

Cotton candy hanging in bags

"Polish Platter" banner at fair

Fried oreos and sweet tea banner

Table filled with candy apples

Lion looking dog wearing Steelers jersey

Woman eating bratwurst

Woman and daughter eating homemade potato chips

Downtown was filled with the sounds, smells, and colours of fall. Sunday was a Steelers [American] football gameday so people donned their customary black and gold. I inadvertently wore a top that could pass as gold [I insisted to Justin that it is mustard]. A few people stopped to chat so I assume I was accepted as one of their own. :)

A classic car show and a petting zoo had their respective locations at the fair. We browsed but were more interested in booths and an art show (no photos allowed, unfortunately). Zoey handled all the walking well, everything considered. The fair was a great (re)introduction to Pennsylvania and fall.
(I didn't have a autumn last year. This was my fall weather.)

Mum flowers lining the pathway

People chatting on hay bales

Fall decoration of corn and husks with ribbon

Kristina eating candy apple on hay bale

Little blonde girl on hay bale

Red balloon floating into grey sky

Red classic car (don't know which one, sorry!)

classic yellow motorcycle

white booths on a grassy field

black chicken at petting zoo

White goose at petting zoo

Little girl excited about turkey at petting zoo

Kristina and Zoey on hay bale with red candy apple

What fall activities are you looking forward to?