Tuesday, 3 September 2013

September Blue

It's September, guys. I know that summer isn't technically over but really, who considers September to be summer? Labour day weekend is the world's way of disguising the fact that business must resume non-summer pace. Slacks and sweaters will begin to replace flip flops and tank tops (unless you're in the Caribbean, in which case you're cheating) and cold days will shorten to give room for long, dark, cold nights...

I love summer an unreasonable amount. In honour of pretending that winter isn't coming, I'm going to blissfully write about blueberries.

Close shot of ripe blueberries

Kristina eating icecream while smiling
Okay, this isn't blueberry ice cream but I did eat it after picking blueberries!

It's hard to beat fresh fruit. Blueberries are the royalty of the family, always bragging about those antioxidants. They're conveniently bite sized and are fantastic in salads, pies, tarts, cheesecakes, frozen, or in smoothies. For me, I grab and handful and eat them all without sharing.

Not sharing is not caring so I took Justin with me to spend a sunny day on the farm.

Blue Haven Farm chalk sign

Blueberry on the bush

Blueberries on branch

Husband picking blueberries

Kristina picking blueberries

Blueberry in hands

I may have eaten as much as I picked. A hard day's work deserved a treat! 
The problem is that Blue Haven has the cutest ice cream bar I've ever seen. Half way through picking we sat amidst the bushes to cool off with freshly made blueberry frozen yoghurt. I was already edging on full but managed to find room for more.

Fresh blueberry yogurt

Fresh blueberries in pint containers

The day concluded with successful picking of five pounds of the prettiest berries you've ever seen. They managed to make their way into muffins, a pie, and the freezer for smoothies. Sneaky little things, aren't they?

Sadly, Blue Haven is closed for the season. Definitely make it out next season, if you have the chance.

These photos have thoroughly distracted me from the cold, rainy, miserable weather that exists outside my window. I was planning on blackberry picking today but now I'm not so sure. I can see myself slipping into a tower of thorny branches with no chance of escape. Perhaps an indoor activity would work out better for me.

Now tell me, what are your favourite summer experiences?